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Poseidon Besea W50

W50 is a sport-wing designed to perform well for both beginners and more experienced divers.
Equipped with ClamRetract?it gives a great volume increase as well as superior bladder deflation capabilities. In fact, deflated, the W50 has the smallest size (drag) of all bladder models within the BeSea range.
Four dump valves and an inflator with a stainless steel mechanism ensures inflation and deflation is always controlled and safe.
Furthermore, the shape of the bladder compensates for the weight of the tank when submerged and helps give you total freedom to move in any direction.
The narrow air passage behind the neck is designed not to restrict head movement or foul regulators and hoses when inflated.
The BeSea W50 is made for equipment with a negative weight in water that does not exceed 19 kg (41,6 lbs) and has a lifting capacity of 225 N.
A double, non-flex tank-band tank attachment system is delivered with the BeSea W50 which can also be equipped with integrated weight pockets, accessory pockets, metal back plate, Pinbolt kit and D-rings.
The Standard size is equipped with a waist belt containing three rows of 40 cc holes.
The Large size is equipped with a waist belt
containing six rows of 40 cc holes.
Sizes:  one size fits all

Scubapro T-FORCE

Finding the perfect balance.  Thatĺs what we are all after anyway.  Our buoyancy compensators have been designed using innovative technology for better control & flexibility, resulting in safer, more robust and high-comfort stability.  SCUBAPRO BCs facilitate precise changes in your underwater body position for a premium diving experience.  ĹBalanceĺ means you are at ease in any situation, effortlessly enjoying the amazing underwater world around you.


T-Force is a powerhouse of features and robust reliability, yet an easy-to-handle front adjustable BC, making it perfect for passionate and advanced recreational divers.  For vital stability and balance, no matter what your world requires.


Sizes:  S, M, ML, L, XL,


Scubapro Knight Hawke


A robust and comfortable back flotation jacket that integrates numerous performance features to deliver outstanding comfort and easy handling.  Knighthawk and Ladyhawk incorporate an array of features which  make them a truly complete package for divers who prefer diving with  a totally uncluttered chest area.


  • Back flotation technology positions air bladder in the back, providing exceptional freedom of movement around chest and shoulders.
  • Quick-relese integrated weight system.
  • 3-dump deflation system enables  divers to dump air from a variety of  underwater positions.
  • Patented harness constuction.
  • Streamlined air cell technology.
  • Automatic volume control of air cell through  compression straps.
  • Rotating Quick Release shoulder buckles  and adjustable shoulder straps improve fit by  following the diver's movements.
  • Dual  zippered pockets with rollout pocket. 
  • Soft neoprene neck roll and padded back pad provide a skin-friendly padding for  significantly more comfort
  • Firmly padded, flexible cummerbund  compensates for changes in the suit  resulting from varying depths
Sizes:  S, M, ML, L, XL,


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