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Training Commercial Divers

For the last 10 years the Faroese Commercial Diving School has trained divers with great success. The environment around the Faroe Islands is extremely well suited to train Commercial Divers. We have pristine diving conditions with access to shallow sites and deep training sites that are perfect for Commercial Diver Training.

Training Commercial Divers is all about developing a tough safety-orientated mental capability in students. To reach this goal the students that complete their training here in the High North Atlantic Ocean are safely and gradually exposed to more and more challenging situations. Depending on their skill-level students are put on more complex practical tasks or task that demand more complex dive-planning to complete the assigned task safely. 

If you are interested in attending one of our Commercial Diver Courses or have staff that you would wish to get trained in the High North Atlantic Ocean you are more than welcomed to contact the Faroese Commercial Diving School faroedive@faroedive.fo 



The Commercial SCUBA diver course that was planed to start in mars has been moved to january

Since the news went public that the Faroese Commercial Diver Training Program was rewarded international recognition, we have recieved many request and emails from Interested divers that wish to Take their Diver training here in the High North Atlantic Ocean around the Faroe Islands. Our Commercial Diving School is the most Northern Diving School in the World and diving and work conditions on the Islands are sometimes extreme and rough. These Conditions and excellent training results in Commercial Divers that are not easily intimitaded by adverse conditions and who know how to plan and execute safe and productive dive-plans despite the rough conditions.If you are interested to complete your Commercial Diver Training on the Faroe Islands you are more than welcomed to contact us at faroedive@faroedive.fo  or give us a call at +298 218929


Commercial NITROX course in january 2018

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In January 2018 the Faroese Commercial Diving School will arrange for a Commercial NITROX course for our customers. The Certification gives the students the oppertunity and skills to utilize NITROX in their commercial diving. If you are interested in this course you are more than welcomed to contact us at faroedive@faroedive.fo or give us a call at (+298) 218929


Inline NITROX gass-blender

The Faroese Commercial Diving School has in cooperation with its partners developed an easy  to use High-Grade Stainless Steel NITROX Gass-mixer for use in diving operations. The requirements put forward by the developers before starting the project wa that the equipment should be easy to use, have few moving parts, as few eletrical parts as possible, should be easy to keep in Oxygene service, be almost undestructible and should excel in the harsh enviroment encountered by both commercial and recreational diving companies. Faroe Dive is now finished with its one year trial period and are more than happy with the products preformance. In general the mixing is spot on the target and no more than 0,1-0,2% off the target end-mix when used correctly. The Industry standard is usually that the mix needs to be within +/- 1% off the target end-mix. In the next weeks or so we will proceed with the introduction of the product to our commercial customers. If you have questions about the product or wish to order please feel more than welcomed to send us an email to faroedive@faroedive.fo 


Webpage updated 25.11.2018

Faroe Dive-Vágsheygsgota 38 -700 Klaksvík-Faroe Islands - tlf. (+298) 218929)

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